Sunday School

The elementary Sunday school class is for ages Pre-K through grade 5. We use the Deep Blue Kids One-Room Sunday School curriculum.

During Elementary Sunday School time, children will:

  • learn the language of faith while growing in the love of God and Jesus.
  • practice faith formation with children of various ages.
  • work through the biblical message using their learning style to do activities for their age level.
  • experience God’s love through prayer, activity, and worship each week.These video segments feature four friends Asia, Edgar, Kat, and Caleb. The videos tell the Bible story through the kids’ perspectives. There are also quarterly music videos, monthly Bible verses, and monthly Bible trivia challenges. Blue Adventures (Visit a digital world where the lessons taught in Sunday school are reinforced)
  • Download the free Deep Blue Adventures App on your digital device to play games and watch the weekly video.
  • Deep Blue Website (visit the site to read a handout about the weekly story we learned about)
  • We also use a weekly Adventure DVD