2017 State of the Church Address

2017 State of the Church Address

    Stuart-Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church

Well we did it? One year down and only 49 to go! (Smile). It has been my joy, and pleasure being your pastor. This first year I have really just been getting my footing. Getting in the swing of things, and becoming more informed on how things are at Stuart-Mt. Vernon. IT is often said that the first year of an appointment is the honeymoon period. Well the honeymoon is over and now life begins. I must state that I have thoroughly enjoyed the way in which God has been leading us. Through some foundational review of who we are as United Methodist to the call of becoming more like Jesus Christ as his disciple, unto our current time of walking with Moses for a while to see what God may be speaking to us in new or different ways though Moses’ life. I have found it all a breath of fresh air, and look forward to what’s coming next.

The work ahead of us as a church is seeking God for what God has called us to do as this body of Christ, there are 2 questions before us. How do we, the members and friends of Stuart– Mt. Vernon, live out making disciples for the transformation of the world? How do we, live being a loving community strengthening ourselves and extending beyond our four walls meeting the needs of others. I pray you will pray with me as we seek God for the answers to these questions. While we seek these answers, I have come to understand that environment and attitude makes a difference. I invite you to join me in making an environment, and an attitude of JOY! I like to call it having “Jesus Joy”

Lets BE HAPPY and celebrate where God has brought us from. Let’s be happy about the members and friends we gather with. And let us say & do things to make one another happy.

Let’s BE EXCITED about what God is doing in the life of the church right now. Let’s get together, and have fun. Do God’s work on loving, and helping others.

Let’s BE GITTY about what god is preparing to do, a the way in which God is going to open windows, doors, hearts, and minds. Do mighty great things that we will have the blessed opportunity to testify about.

Until these things come to reality, let us be in an attitude of Joy, thankfulness, expectation, and FAITH! Praising God continually for the great things God has done. If we don’t have “Jesus Joy” who who will? Amen & Amen!!

Loving God Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

Pastor LaTonya


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