Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year! I am praying God’s blessing and peace over each one of you reading this for 2022.

         It appears we cannot talk of the new year without also hearing that dreaded word: resolutions. Soon, most will start speaking of their New Year’s resolutions, we’ll plan, we may even set goals, buy new memberships, books, and classes. Statistics show however that very few of us are successful in staying focused on what we set out to do. 

In January worship, instead of resolutions, we’re going to be talking about reset. In the four weeks after Ephiphany Sunday, (the Sunday we see those Wise Men get to the manger!) we will talk about resetting our soul, purpose, values, and direction. Why? Because God’s mercies are new every morning! But sometimes it is easy for us to get stuck in the same old routine. This new year let’s hit the “reset button,” so we can claim the fresh start God makes available to us. As we rediscover our true identity in the love of God, we will discover new purpose and, guided by the compass of God’s values, head off in an exciting God-given direction!   

Let’s take advantage of this new year with a fresh start on setting our hearts and minds on God and God’s purpose for us personally and as God’s church.

I look forward to “resetting” with you this month! 
Peace and Grace, 
Pastor Jenny 

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