What’s happening at Stuart-Mt. Vernon UMC

What’s happening at Stuart-Mt. Vernon UMC

School is out! By the time you read this, kids (almost) everywhere have already become comfortable with the idea of not getting up for school in the morning. Coats and backpacks are quickly traded for ball gloves, swimsuits, and sunscreen. Summer means more time for the outdoor things we love. 

             Summer is a time we typically see a decrease in attendance in church. (And I mean church in general and not solely the Stuart-Mt Vernon UMC.) With baseball and softball games, camping trips, vacations, long weekends away, and so many of summer’s pleasures worship in the building can be difficult. I want to give you a few ideas you can take with you on your summer adventures to “think outside the box” as you worship in other places when you can’t be with us in person. 


10. Listen to your favorite Christian music. Find new artists you like on YouTube, turn on 107.1 or Sirius XM 63. Sing it at the top of your lungs! 

9. Get outside and take a walk. Notice God’s creation all around you and thank God for it. 

8. Invite some friends or neighbors for dinner and have a fun evening together. 

7. Sit in silence. Do absolutely nothing. 

6. Get up early and enjoy the sunrise or go outside and watch the sunset. Tell God how beautiful it is. 

5. Write a friend a card or pick up the phone and call them. Let them know you are thinking about them. Tell them what they mean to you. 

4. Serve someone else. Mow your neighbor’s yard. Deliver a treat to a friend. Volunteer at a shelter. Make a meal for someone. 

3. Download the YouVersion Bible App and start a devotional. 

2. Talk to God while you do everyday activities like driving, washing dishes, or doing the laundry. 

1. Spend 30 minutes with one of our homebound or Community Care Center members. Ask me for people who would love to see you!

Of course, we want you to worship with us at Stuart-Mt Vernon when at all possible either in person or online. Our amazing new technology makes our online worship an incredible experience! Make many different ways of worship during your busy summer schedules a priority and notice God’s presence all around you wherever you are. 

Peace and Grace, Pastor Jenny 

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