Breath on us Breath of God

Breath on us Breath of God

Have you ever felt like you could not breathe? Like it was difficult to take the next breath? Without breathing one dies. Period. I have a child who has asthma and has had difficulty breathing at times. In those times help is needed to relax and open the airway to allow oxygen to flow in and out of her lungs. The expression on her face and failing strength as her body succumbs to the exertion. It is difficult to witness let alone personally experience. 

There have been times when stress has caused labored breathing for me. I remember hearing the news that my father passed away. His breath was no longer and mine seemed difficult to catch.  Even in this time of Covid-19 there are times when I find my breath labored, heavy laden with recent stats of those infected and increased death totals. Loss of jobs and other effects on the economy, which are important but should not be a priority over human life, as well as the many other pressures of living during this time.

Sadly enough there are those for whom breath is taken away by the hand of another. We have heard and seen recently in the media George Floyd the latest victim of one whose breath was taken away by unnecessary extreme measures while being apprehended. Him we know many others we do not.

I am mindful that all too often I take breathing for granted.

On Sunday May 31st we will have celebrated Pentecost where the breathe of God was breath upon those disciples in order to receive the power of the Holy Spirit to go forth teaching, baptizing and making disciples of Jesus. With breath comes life, with life comes power, with power comes change. May our prayer be:

O Breath on us Breathe of God.

Breath on the sick

Breath on the vulnerable

Breath on the healthcare workers and the first responders

Breath on the unemployed

Breath on the leaders

Breath on the students and families

Breath on the church your people

O Breath on us Breathe of God.

Loving God heart, mind, soul, and strength

pastor latonya

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