This has been our new vision statement for the last year. As we are striving to live into this vision it has taken on new meaning in this time of living with Covid-19 and physical distancing. The coined term  is social distancing, but I like to think of it as physical distancing and not social distancing. I believe in this time more than ever we need to find ways to be social with one another while physically distancing from others in order to prevent the spread of the disease. I lament with you ;Oh how I long to be together again. To embrace with all gladness and sorrow. To hold a hand for encouragement, support, and prayer. To break bread, bless it and share it and the cup. To sprinkle blessed water dripping with liturgy of love, acceptance, belonging and community. To celebrate marriages and have celebrations of life. That day will come! It may not be tomorrow or the next, but it will come. Until then hold fast the vision. Let folks know they matter. Call and check-in on those who cross your mind  Make no assumptions on family or others checking in on them because they need you too! You just may be the love of God they need right at that moment.

This newsletter comes as an effort to communicate how we will intentionally move through this time with the coronavirus until we are able to come together again. A couple of individuals offered articles to share and the remainder is a Re-Entry plan set forth by our Safety & Security Ministry. I want to personally thank you for patience and flexibility as we figure all this out and get beyond the highly dangerous spread of the coronavirus. Our leaders recognize it may take a while for this to happen. In the meantime, continue to make connections by phone calls, virtual connections, letters/ or cards. Continue to join us for worship by Zoom & Facebook and Table Talk (Bible studies) and other opportunities that may arise. Continue to worship God through your financial giving and helping to support the church’s ministries. Continue to have the faith, hope and love that comes from God Almighty and continue to be blessed abundantly so.

Loving God heart, mind, soul, and strength

pastor latonya   

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