Food for Thought

Food for Thought

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Leadership Institute at the Church of the Resurrection in Leewood KS. Sept. 27th-29th and then a Discipleship Pathway seminar on Sept. 30th. Here are just a few thoughts that I have captured my attention:

¨ Food for thought: The preaching moment is one of the most important & valuable times that I have to relay God’s love & purpose for us. How well do I relay that message while striving to change lives, strengthen the church and transform the world?

** Action item: Take a week just for planning sermons for the year to better accomplish this preaching goal.

¨ Food for thought: Am I (is the church) friendly or hospitable? Hospitable being beyond friendly, making connection, helping someone to feel wanted and fused over.

** Action item: Be prompt in my pastoral follow-up immediately after worship & create an atmosphere & leadership of hospitality and develop a team of hospitality.

¨ Food for thought: How would I rate the church on its Ambience, Service/ Hospitality, & Quality?

** Action item: Begin having conversations about how welcoming & sacred is our church building.

¨ Food for thought: Suggested focus for kids midweek is food-fun-friends-faith

** Action item: Intentional faith development

¨ Food for thought: where does God want us to be in the future?

** Action item: Leaders evaluate the life cycle of the church

¨ Food for thought: In order to know where you’ve got to go you need to know where you’ve been and where you are. Then evaluate how you are helping people grow in their relationship with God & one another.

** Action Item: Start the conversation.

I am so thankful to the church for the opportunity to attend these educational events. Please, if you have thoughts or comments on any of the above will you let me know.  I invite you to pray for the church as we discern the ways God is leading us and pray for me as your Pastor that I may used as by God as a leader that this church needs.


Loving God Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength

Pastor LaTonya


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