Lent 2021

Lent 2021

In this Lenten season “Again & Again” we are journeying toward the cross. Again, we journey with our sinfulness in reflection, repentance and reconciliation. And…Again we journey with God’s grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. We journey in relationship with the Almighty, praying and hoping that that relationship strengthens and grows and endeavors to fulfill the very purpose of our existence in this world. The world in which we are part of and called to be good stewards of. Again, as we walk closer to the cross may it’s intended detriment and overcoming light declare in our own lives that we too will have victory. I was captivated by the meaning of this theme. The creators from “A Sanctified Art” stated that the ampersand between the “Again’s” “emphasizes God’ holy ‘and.’ When we become weary from the motion blur chaos of our lives, God promises that there is always more to the story—death does not have the last word”…there is a “&.” 

How I pray that as you hang on to this refrain of “Again & Again” that you will be transformed and renewed. If you are in the depths, may you arise. If you have lost your way, may you find your path. If you are scared or fearful, may you find hope and peace. And if you do not yet believe, may you develop faith. Your invited to join me “Again” this Lenten season and I pray it blesses you real good. 

Speaking of blessings, Pastor Jenny Knutter from Adair & Casey UMC’s and I will be collaborating through lent so you will have the blessing of having her share God’s word during this season.  

loving God heart, mind, soul, and strength

pastor latonya

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