August Pastor’s Pen

August Pastor’s Pen

Hello friends!

        As you might already know, we have begun a season of being intentional with our focus on others that God places on our path. We are calling this “AWAKEN: Stuart”.

In this season, we are being intentional about who and what we’re praying for. Instead of wishing we’d see God move, we’re being proactive in opening ourselves to what God is already doing in us, our church, and our community.

Knowing that nothing WE do is invoking this, but that it is opening our eyes and hearts to where God is already at work and realizing our part in God’s mission.

We are spending a few minutes each day praying for 8 specific people in our community.

We are stirring within ourselves an attractional love for Jesus before we go out and try to do that with others.

If you would like a packet that explains what we’re doing, your very own unique list of names for prayer, and more then please contact the church office or myself and we’ll get one in your hands!

Peace and Grace, 
Pastor Jenny 

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