State of the Church Address

State of the Church Address

Each year for our charge conference I write a State of the Church Address. It is a statement of celebration and hope for the future. As this has been an unprecedented year, God has been was with us and is working for us right now and indeed preparing us for our future. In filling out paperwork for the charge conference, the Administrative Council was asked to share stories of, “Where have you seen God at work through your congregation?” Here are their responses:   

  • Contributing to UMCOR – Monetary Offerings and Kits 
  • Contributing to CWS – Blankets 
  • VBS – online 
  • Mission & Ministry – formed from HCI 
  • People helping others 
  • Kids singing and taking active part in the worship (i.e. liturgist, sharing favorite scripture) 
  • Virtual Worship & Bible Study 
  • Care Center Drive By 
  • Drive by Easter Egg Hunt 

They were then asked, “What are goals for next year to help you accomplish what God is asking of you? They responded:  

  • Continued engagement of Ministry & Mission Ministry 
  • Development of the new Circuit gathering and its leading to partnering with other churches 
  • Continue striving for financial stability 
  • More Joy 
  • More People Matter moments 
  • Increased sharing of glory sightings 
  • Update technology for more inclusion and participation 

It has been hard. It has been trying. But God has been good to us! Praise God for the ways God has blessed us in responding to what life has dealt us this year and glory to God for the faith and hope of our future. I pray you are excited about the goals for this coming year. Pray with us that God continues to speak to us and lead us into the present hope.  All of this continues to be made possible through the financial support of your tithes and offerings. You the people of God continue to bless God and others in incredible ways. Thank you! Thank you for loving God! Thank you for loving others! Thank you for loving your church! God’s blessings be abundantly upon you!  

loving God heart, mind, soul, and strength

pastor latonya

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