What are our Core Values?

What are our Core Values?


I have been asked to serve on a district operational team implementing a new conference initiative that is purposed to move the conference forward through spiritual leadership. At our last meeting we were presented with these questions for the district.

Why do we exits?

Where are we now…really?

Where is God leading us?

How will we get there?

These questions ultimately lead to the question of, “What are the core values of the Southwest District? What is too important to compromise?

¨ The answers we came up with were,

¨ That people are coming to know Jesus

¨ That people are growing in relationship with Jesus

¨ That people are in relationship with one another

¨ The connectionism of the church.


Stuart-Mt. Vernon UMC, I ask you the same questions. Pray, meditate, and discuss with others what you think are our core values. What is it that we will not compromise for the sake of the kingdom and glory of God. Write, email me your responses and look for a post on facebook to also offer your responses.


Loving God, heart, mind, soul, and strength,

Pastor LaTonya


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